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We believe that adventure is the best way to explore and discover. That's why we offer a unique way to experience rural areas and explore nature with our e-bike rental services.

We introduce ourselves!

We are Alessandra, Maurizio, Stefano, Teresa and Lorenzo, a group of kids with a good sporting past, some more or less close to the community of Andrate.
Through sport and the offer of our services, the objective is to raise awareness, through experiences and collaborations, of the territory that passes from Andrate through the AMI (morainic amphitheater of Ivrea),
it extends across the entire Ivrea area, arriving at the gates of Valle d’Aosta.
We would like to make the service accessible to as many people as possible, also trying to break down physical barriers.
With enthusiasm and passion we are starting a project that is important to us to re-establish contact with our territory through unforgettable landscapes, adventures, flavors and smells.”


Our partners

Our partners are scattered throughout the entire Piedmont territory to provide the best possible experience and discover the wonders of our region.



Ambin was born from the idea of Alberto Bolognesi, mountain guide, President of the Piedmont Alpine Guide College since 2021 and owner of one of the most popular mountaineering shops in Italy

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and Alessio Giachin Ricca, company consultant with a passion for free riding and some work experience in the skiing sector. In 2017, the project takes shape by founding the company for the production of the ski that didn’t exist yet.
We had been talking for years about producing a ski that had a soul and that was not just a tool but a sincere and reliable travel companion.



Each of us dreams of a job that satisfies us, that satisfies us. Many of us find this satisfaction when we manage to make a career in some company.

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Some are content to mechanically bring home a paycheck because they prioritize other aspects of their lives. Others, perhaps less fortunate, struggle to find their own path, in terms of employment.

In my case, I have experienced a change in interests over time. The mountains, which I initially saw only as a hobby, as a great passion for leisure time, have become the desire for something more. New technologies, computers, graphics – these are all interests I have developed and are part of my job. However, I increasingly notice how we all rush too much. At the company production level, energies are increasingly focused on ‘doing a lot and doing it quickly,’ forcing us into frantic rhythms. I want to slow down. I want to be able to educate people to remember to hang up their watches, forget the daily worries, at least for the time needed for the excursion, and take a step back rather than one forward.

In my imagination, my goal is to be able to accompany people in discovering respect for the mountain environment that surrounds us, because up there, the rhythms follow the seasons and not a ticking stopwatch.


Albi Sport

Alberto Bolognesi, President of the Piedmont Mountain Guides Association. Alberto, who was the head of the alpine rescue team in Susa for many years, is now an alpine rescue instructor.

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After undertaking numerous expeditions in South America (Chile, Bolivia, Argentina), Africa, and in Alaska on Denali in 2014. He also dedicated himself to the Great North project with skis, starting from Norway and Greenland, which took him to Svalbard and then to the North Pole.

Alberto, the CTO of Ambin and owner of the Alby Sport store, serves as the link to high mountain and ski mountaineering for Andrate Experience.



Andirivieni was founded in Rivarolo Canavese at the end of 1995 with the aim of ensuring effectiveness in educational action through professionalism, knowledge of the local context, and continuity of intervention.

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Drawing inspiration from the values of solidarity, democracy, equality, and fairness, Andirivieni aims to pursue the common interest of the community, fostering individual growth and social integration of citizens, with a particular focus on vulnerable groups, by developing projects related to both well-being promotion and the prevention of hardship.

Since 2021, Andirivieni has become a mixed A/B cooperative. The B sector has developed four different activities (Lab, Fud, Grin, and Clin), which provide people with intellectual disabilities with the opportunity to find employment through various projects and collaborations with companies and start-ups.


Polisportiva rivarolese

The Polisportivo Center is a historic and robust facility located in Rivarolo, within which multiple activities are carried out by sports associations and qualified personnel, including athletics, volleyball, karate, basketball, soccer, swimming,

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skateboarding, beach volleyball, pilates, yoga, psychomotor skills, weightlifting, and fencing.
Our goal is to promote sports culture and practice through a strong commitment to 360-degree promotion and inclusivity



Fisiorom is a first-class physiotherapy clinic with locations in Rivarolo Canavese and Turin.
It was established in 2000 with the aim of providing support to athletes during the functional recovery process following injuries or surgeries.

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Surgical, and to safely guide them back to sports.
Specific athletic preparation plays an essential role in completing this cycle, which continues over time with the aim of optimizing performance and reducing the risk of injury.
The services for athletes include biomechanical analysis of running technique, carried out with high-tech tools, biomechanical positioning for cyclists, specific athletic training, and planning of seasonal competitive goals, in addition to all the essential sports physiotherapy aimed at optimizing the performance of healthy athletes.


Modern Cuisine

We are Jesty and Jason, a couple in both work and private life. Starting from spring 2023, we are managing our new project here in Azeglio: 2J Modern Cuisine. We are passionate about cooking and hospitality, and thanks to our scattered roots,

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a bit all over the world, we create a culinary proposal that changes with the seasons and creativity. We use fresh ingredients, combining our gastronomic experiences and reworking them with cooking techniques and flavors from around the world.
Creating aromatic combinations to build surprise tasting experiences. Our goal is to provide a delicious and hospitable experience in an environment characterized by rustic warmth, yet at the same time, modern and welcoming for a select few diners whom we can pamper from start to finish.


Rifugio Mombarone

The Rifugio Mombarone (2312 meters), is located just a few meters from the summit and offers a superb panorama of the Po Valley, the Maritime Alps, and the Apennines. We offer dishes of traditional homemade cuisine, made with locally sourced ingredients.

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All prepared on the ‘putagè,’ the traditional wood-fired stove. The refuge is open in June, every Saturday and Sunday. July continuous until mid-September. Other times of the year by reservation.

Manager: Manuel Rodriguez – tel. 015.401960 – 3913515056


The Ciuenda

In Trovinasse, a beautiful place surrounded by greenery, at an altitude of 1250 meters above Settimo Vittone, stands the Agriturimo “La Ciuenda”: a corner of peace among the typical and genuine flavors of this land.
The name assigned in the local dialect, indicates

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the “fences,” of which the hamlet abounds, because this is where the cows are taken to pasture in the summer, to feed them on wild grass and bran. In this enchanted oasis where the meadows are deep emerald green framed by centuries-old beech trees.
It is possible to stop for lunch, to enjoy cured meats and cheeses, typical Canavese dishes such as polenta and stew, and pasta dishes made strictly by hand using old-fashioned artisan methods. Ideal location, to celebrate birthdays, baptisms or anniversaries in total relaxation, just like at home, thanks to the warmth and welcome of a real family.

Ambin 1

Pianetti Refuge

Rif Pianetti can be reached from St. Charles in about an hour. Route of about 3 km and about 300 m elevation gain. Easy, family- and child-friendly route that takes place on dirt road with trail marker B4.

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Natural landscapes toward the Mucrone and the Salvine.
Rif Pianetti is open from July to mid-September continuously ( CLOSED MONDAY). From October to June, opening is only on weekends with favorable weather.
Reservations are required.
Possibility of overnight stay in 2 rooms with 7 places