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Price List

🛟 Who wants to make reservations without knowing the cost? We certainly don’t, and that’s why we care about transparency. Below you can find the price list for an informed choice

eBike/Mountainbike Rental
Half day 30€
1 day 40€
2 days 75€
Additional days 30€/day

*helmet included with rental

Baby carriage rental
Half day 5€
Full day 10€

Equipment hire


Full day 10€


Full day 15€
Guided Tours
Guide only Guide+eBike
n° of people half day 1day half day 1day
1 150€/p 200€/p 180€/p 240€/p
2 75€/p 100€/p 105€/p 140€/p
3 65€/p 70€/p 95€/p 110€/p
4 40€/p 50€/p 70€/p 90€/p
5 30€/p 40€/p 60€/p 80€/p
6 25€/p 35€/p 55€/p 75€/p
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