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This website uses cookies, which are small text files that websites visited by the user send to their device (computer, tablet, smartphone), where they are stored and then sent back to the same websites during the user’s next visit. Cookies can be used for different purposes, including, for example, performing computer authentication, session tracking, storing information about specific configurations regarding users accessing the server, and are generically classified into three categories: technical cookies, profiling cookies, and third-party cookies. According to the typology, the regulations stipulate that, for their lawful use by the site operator, in some cases, mere information on their use is sufficient, while in other cases, in addition to the information, it is necessary to obtain the relevant consent from the user.

Technical cookies

Specifically, technical cookies are generally used (a) to make it easier for users to access the services offered by the site following authentication procedures, to make it easier to navigate within it, to access restricted areas or to be able to proceed to purchase the goods or services offered for sale by the site; (b) to collect information in aggregate, about the number of users visiting the site or how they navigate within the site; (c) to enable certain site features such as, for example, the use of a certain language or other settings.

Some technical cookies are called session cookies in that they are removed immediately from the user’s device at the end of the browsing session. Permanent cookies, on the other hand, have a longer lifespan and remain stored on the device until they expire or are deleted by the user.
The cookies used by this website are:

Session Cookies: Temporary files stored only to store the website browsing session.

No consent is required for the use of technical cookies.

Third-party cookies

In addition, this site also allows you to install third-party cookies on your terminal, i.e. from other companies that have concluded agreements with the owner of this site to install their own cookies on it. In this respect, however, the owner of this site does not act as the controller of third-party cookies as well, but as a mere technical intermediary between the user and the third parties and, therefore, does not assume any responsibility for the uses of cookies made by those third parties.

This site features:

  • Google Analytics cookies, which enable analysis of statistics about visitors to the site itself and help website owners understand how those visitors interact with content they own, without personal identification of individual visitors by Google. In order to allow the user to express or deny his or her consent, which can also be modified at a later time, to the use of these cookies, links to Google’s website are provided below, opening these links leads, precisely, to web pages containing the relevant privacy policy and how to disable cookies

Please note, however, that Google Analytics code has been integrated on this site to anonymize your an IP address.

Google Maps cookies, which allow a user who has a Google account to be recognized (in this case, his icon will appear in the map on the site) and knowing his preferences and the places saved in his user profile will allow him certain facilitations in the use of the map (for example, these cookies make it easy to see the route from his home to the place, indicated in the map, where the company that owns the site in which the user is browsing is located).

For more information you can consult this page

Google’s privacy policy can be found on this other page

User Rights

Users may, at any time, exercise their rights under Articles 7 et seq. of the Code and request, among other things, the deactivation of cookies. To exercise these rights, the user may apply in writing to Bed & Bike Andrate Srl, as Data Controller, at the following e-mail address

The user can also manifest his or her choices in relation to the use of cookies by this site through the settings of the browser normally used for internet browsing (among the main ones, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Crome, Safari). By changing your browser settings, you can accept or reject cookies. Below are some reference links to understand the procedure for disabling cookies in the most commonly used browsers:





However, by completely disabling cookies in your browser you may no longer be able to use all the interactive features of this site.

Finally, we have a duty to point out to you – as, moreover, already indicated in the short notice on the home page – that by closing the banner containing this short notice, scrolling down the home page (so-called scroll down) or clicking any of its elements, you consent to the use of cookies.